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Shandong Dechen Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Dechen Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongying City, Shandong Province, the ecological center city of the Yellow River Delta and the second largest oil field in China-Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. It is a professional petrochemical product deep processing enterprise integrating an annual output of 500,000 tons of n-butane isomerization, 62,000 cubic meters of liquefied gas tank area storage, and liquefied gas import and export trade.

The company has now completed and put into operation a 500,000-ton/year isomerization unit, hydrogenation unit, a storage tank area with a total storage capacity of 62,000 m3 (20 sets of 3000 vertical storage tanks and 4 sets of 400 vertical storage tanks), and a loading and unloading platform 40 sets, as well as matching plant pipe corridors, water and electricity and other public installations. Among them, the 500,000 tons/year isomerization device adopts the butane isomerization technology of France Axens, and the production of isobutane directly meets dehydrogenation and alkylation. The purity of raw materials is required, and the purity of isobutane can reach more than 99%.

Shandong Dechen Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has an annual processing capacity of 500,000 tons of n-butane isomerization. The main raw materials are mixed butane and n-butane. The company uses a combination of foreign imports and domestic procurement from neighboring companies, and relies on its own 60,000 cubic tank area to increase domestic raw materials. The bargaining power of the butane market, and taking full advantage of the superior regional advantages of Dongying Port, the Dongying Port Baogang International Terminal to the company's raw material pipeline project under construction will soon be put into use, greatly reducing the transportation cost of imported raw materials and production and operation costs.
The company adheres to the corporate development concept of "market-oriented, customer-centric", and makes full use of the superior geographical location. The raw material pipeline project from Dongying Port Baogang International Terminal to the company is about to be put into use, which greatly reduces the transportation of raw materials. Cost, to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost products, to help customers improve market competitiveness.

The company uses advanced chromatographic methods for quality inspection, and introduces advanced gas chromatographs at home and abroad to detect the purity of finished products and raw materials to meet customers' requirements for product purity.

Based on geographical advantages, the company makes full use of the advantages of Dongying Port Chemical Terminal and Petroleum Refining and Chemical Park. Raw materials are purchased through seaborne LPG ships and surrounding refineries, and it has established procurement cooperation relationships with petroleum countries such as South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and the United States.

The company’s marketing system is well-structured, and it has established a cooperative relationship with neighboring refineries. The finished products are sold to the neighboring refineries of Dongying Port through pipeline and land transportation, which greatly reduces transportation costs. It has successively cooperated with some chemical companies in the province, Hebei, Refining and chemical companies such as Jiangsu and Northeast have established marketing relationships to enrich the company's customer base and improve market competitiveness.


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