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Butane isomerization is a very important reaction in the petrochemical industry. Its product isobutane is one of the raw materials for the production of high octane gasoline. The isobutene dehydrogenation product isobutene can be used to produce unleaded gasoline additive methyl. Tert-butyl ether (MTBE) and ethyl tert-butyl ether. The main production materials for dehydrogenation of isobutane and alkylation include isobutane. Isobutane currently has a very small amount of foreign emissions, far lower than the deep-processing market. At the same time, the sale of isobutane in Shandong is currently not scaled, and the purity of the product is low, while the company uses the most advanced equipment and technology in the world to achieve high purity. Up to over 99%, and with the scale advantage of producing 500,000 tons per year, the project can meet the requirements of further expanding the industrial chain in the future, and it also has a vast market and high competitiveness.


The company has a processing capacity of 500,000 tons of butane isomerization per year. The main raw materials are mixed butane and n-butane. The company adopts a combination of foreign imports and domestic peripheral enterprise purchases, relying on its own 60,000 cubic tank storage capacity to improve domestic raw materials. The bargaining power of the butane market and the full use of the superior regional advantages of Dongying Port. The Baogang International Terminal currently under construction in Dongying Port and the company's raw material pipeline project will soon be put into use, which will greatly reduce the transportation costs and production and operating costs of imported raw materials.

The company's product, isobutane, is a basic chemical product. Although commodity prices have been affected by domestic and international conditions in recent years, and price fluctuations have been more severe, the company's raw material mixes butane and n-butane prices have also fluctuate along with it, passing through the market for the past five years. The price analysis found that the long-term unit price difference between isobutane and raw material n-butane fluctuates from 600 to 1200 yuan, which effectively ensures that the company can achieve long-term and stable profitability. After the company reaches production, it can produce 500,000 tons of isobutane, 0.79 million tons of propane, and 92,200 tons of carbon pentachloride. The company can achieve an annual sales income of 2.5 billion yuan, an average annual net profit of 150 million yuan, and an average annual capital flow of about 500,000 tons. 5 billion yuan.

The company adhering to the "market-oriented, customer-centric" concept of corporate development, make full use of its advantageous geographical location, the construction of Dongying Port Baogang International Terminal to the company's raw material pipeline project is about to put into use, greatly reducing the transport of raw materials Cost, to provide customers with quality and cheap products to help customers improve market competitiveness.

The company adopts advanced chromatographic method for quality inspection, and introduces advanced gas chromatographs at home and abroad to check the purity of finished products and raw materials. The purity of finished products reaches more than 97.5%, which meets customers' requirements for product purity.

The company has taken advantage of its geographical advantages and made full use of the advantages of Dongying Port Chemical Terminal and the Petroleum Refinery Chemical Industry Park. Raw materials are purchased through marine LPG boats and surrounding refineries. It has established procurement cooperation relationships with oil countries such as South Korea, Japan, the Middle East, and the United States.

The company’s marketing system has a well-structured structure and has established a cooperative relationship with surrounding refineries. The finished products are sold to the refineries around Dongying Port via cans and land transportation, which greatly reduces transportation costs. It has successively met with some chemical companies in the province, Hebei, and Jiangsu, Northeast China and other refining companies established marketing relationships, enriched the company's customer base and improved market competitiveness.

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